"It was my pleasure to work with Nancy Post on several projects during her time at GS Dunn.  Nancy has the rare ability to combine hard core technical knowledge with practical hands-on insight.  Nancy understands the need to quantify the real value of developmental concepts and is excellent at working with end customers to help identify true opportunities for improvement and product quality and/or production processes.

TESTIMONIAL:   Tommy Turriff,  President,  TLC Ingredients, Chicago Illinois

Quality and Food Safety resources

Quality Assurance is defined as a program or way of preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products.  In the food industry this can be a critical risk analysis  to ensure a safe and wholesome Quality program and ensure you have considered all biological, chemical and physical risks to your process and products.   It means a well thought out and analyzed approach to controlling risks and quality.

Food Safety can also be an assessment of  Quality programs or systems to ensure that you have adequate controls in place to ensure superior Quality and a "do it right the first time"  support for your manufacturing and business.

Let NP TECH ENTERPRISES be your Quality Resource in the food industry

Quality programs such as HACCP,  ISO and Global Food System Initiatives like SQF are the expertise of NP TECH ENTERPRISES.  Performing Internal Audits, gap analysis and Third Party audits are some of the hands on abilities and strengths of the business.  

Let NP TECH ENTERPRISES provide you with an update, review or full development of your Quality systems and programs.

Contact Info:                   Email:   NancyP@nptechenterprises.com     Phone: : 1  905 537 0262