NP Tech Enterprises has contributed to the North American Food industry in many ways.  Work includes various foods from soup to nuts, scientific research to product development to  full commercial launch of leading edge food innovations.  Also encompassing Quality planning and HACCP design to full Quality management and approval using GFSI/SQF  Quality systems.  Customers have been supplied with technical knowledge and information to help them achieve their goals and understand ingredients.


"My experience as a writer in the food industry interviewing Nancy Post when she worked at GS Dunn, sums up the kind of professional she is- passion, insight, drive and thoroughness with which she conducts herself.  I wrote a 2013 article about a protein substitution for Canadian Meat Business Magazine that starts: When Nancy Post, Technical Director at GS Dunn does a presentation - whether in a boardroom in Japan, Iran, Colombia or Columbus Ohio - she knows she's done her job right if someone is the rooms says "I didn't know mustard could do that!"  It's a watershed moment every time, says Post, who oversees R&D, Quality Management and Technical Services at the worlds' largest dry mustard miller.."

That satisfaction in helping a business person glean insight, drive efficiency break into a new market is what Nancy is all about.. " 

TESTIMONIAL:  Heather Angus-Lee,  Career Journalist/Marketing Writer for JustFoodERP, Mississauga, Ontario



The focus of NP Tech Enterprises is to help your food company succeed and excel in technical areas .  

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